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Mr. Powell has been involved in the handling of cases under the False Claims Act and the qui tam provisions of the Act since the mid-1990s. He served as co-lead counsel in the historic oil royalty litigation against the 18 largest oil companies in the United States. At the conclusion of that litigation, more than $437 million was returned to The United States Treasury. At that time, it was the largest recovery in the history of the False Claims Act. In addition to his representation of clients in the oil royalty litigation, he has represented clients who brought cases involving pharmaceutical fraud, medical device fraud, Medicare fraud, defense contractor fraud, false certification and overbilling. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Powell’s cases have returned more than $1 billion to The United States Treasury. In addition to his active participation in litigation, he has been a member and served on the President’s Council of the Taxpayers Against Fraud and the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, a group dedicated to fighting fraud on the taxpayers of the United States and in preservation of the integrity of the False Claims Act. For his work in the historic Pogue v. DTCA case, he was named the “Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund Lawyer of the Year” in 2009.


Mr. McKenna has more than 15 years of experience handling cases under the False Claims Act. Mr. McKenna’s cases have resulted in recoveries exceeding $1 billion to the United States Treasury and the firm’s whistleblower clients. The breadth of his cases involve: Medicare fraud; pharmaceutical company fraud; medical device company fraud; defense contractor fraud; oil royalty fraud, overbilling on software contracts; and, false certification of prevailing wage law requirements. Mr. McKenna has had the honor of representing physicians, nurses and other medical provider whistleblowers as well as CFOs, accountants and field workers on federal contracts. He handles significant cases across the United States and has had False Claims Act cases presented in the United States Supreme Court. He is a frequent seminar speaker on the False Claims Act. In 2009, the national organization Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund named Mr. McKenna “False Claims Act Lawyer of the Year.”


Mr. Moncus has been practicing under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act since joining the firm in 2003. While he continues to try a number of cases each year, many in areas of product liability or medical malpractice, he devotes a significant amount of his practice to assisting prospective whistleblowers.

“An important component of the service we render as qui tam lawyers is not only representing the whistleblower in litigation, but also advising the prospective client of the risks and benefits of prosecuting a case on behalf of the government. Keeping your trial skills sharp is also important for whistleblower lawyers when going up against big defense contractors and medical providers with nearly unlimited resources.”

Jamie handles a wide variety of whistleblower cases. In 2003, he was awarded the prestigious Morgan Prize by the Vanderbilt Law Review for the most innovative piece of published writing, which focused on the False Claims Act.


Mr. Vines has handled complex litigation for nearly a decade, including cases under the False Claims Act. In addition to representing the government through false claims actions, he represents numerous states’ attorney generals in litigation across the United States.

“I’m honored when I have the opportunity to bring my experiences in large complex litigation to bare on behalf of whistleblowers in qui tam litigation.”

Recently, Mr. Vines, along with several other Hare Wynn lawyers and the Kentucky Attorney General’s office, secured a $25 million settlement for the Commonwealth in a case related to fraudulent marketing of a pharmaceutical product.

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